Masaan Music Review


After winning accolades at several film festivals, Neeraj Ghaywan’s directorial debut ‘Masaan’ is all set to hit theatres in India. But, before the film releases, we get to hear the soundtrack composed by Indian Ocean, the band. Varun Grover, who recently penned the songs for ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’, writes two of the three songs.

“Tu Kisi Rail Si” has the kind of sound which one associates with Indian Ocean but if you see the video, you will realize it also gels in effortlessly with the given situation in the film. Varun Grover writes some refreshingly original phrases and metaphors which one has not heard earlier. Swanand Kirkire’s earthy voice does complete justice to the track. Indian Oceans’s music is very addictive and would make you play the song multiple times.

“Man Kasturi” is made from the same mould as “Tu Kisi Rail Si” but has a slightly dark and philosophical texture to it. The track has many layers to it and thus, it takes a while to grow. The deep and meaningful verses written by Varun Grover deserve special mention. The minimal arrangements make way for Amit Kilam to show his prowess as a skilled vocalist.

The band reworks its own track ‘Bhor Bhor’ as “Bhor”. While the original song from their album ‘Jhini’ was very lively, this one has a more serious tone and a slightly slower pace to it. The word ‘Bhor’ translates to daybreak or dawn in English. The various sounds which form a part of this song have a very calming effect and transport you to the earliest part of the day. Sanjeev Sharma’s lyrics, written in chaste Hindi, are efficient.

‘Masaan’ is a short soundtrack filled with two original tracks and a recreated version of a song from Indian Ocean’s discography. The band does a good job at scoring an album that has their stamp over it but which also captures the rustic flavour of the film.

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