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Learn the Art of Film Making on Artiste 360

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Films and Film studies are largely getting in the vogue nowadays. It is a very complex medium of expression. It is visual, but also verbal and a lot more technical. Filmmaking can be taken to such depths that your creation gains a heartful recognition worldwide. With entry of humble Indian films such as ‘Chafa’ in Cannes Film Festival, it has been proved that true talent has a place reserved at the top. We at Artiste 360 strengthen your hold on the medium, so that your expression touches the minutest of the details.

Through our one-month program of documentary film-making we aim at multiple goals. Here we train your eyes to see details, your brain to discuss those with your peers, your hands to actually craft a short documentary on your own and ultimately your conscience to remove the unnecessary part from your creation, augmenting its grace. We also have in place a special coaching into reaching out to the audience as many a great one has been made great by and because of them.

Novices or otherwise, choosing a topic, a story is a big problem. We introduce you to such heart-touching stories that are waiting for your camera. We let you choose from stories that express before they impress. Your work will portray one NGO from a list of 70+, all hand-picked by us. Working with the NGOs will comprise of your coursework. Here you will be nurtured as a human being and your creation will automatically touch upon the finest expression of human emotion without having to struggle in vain for it. You will actually see how your creation achieves much needed and much sought-for depth. At the end of the day, your film will be viewed by your parents, teachers and experts from the field.

Our instructor Poonam Singh Bisht has worked for Print Media and has been teaching film studies for over 8 years, having her expertise at developing an open perspective in her students she is the best person to learn your ABC of filmmaking from.

Artiste 360 is an art-school where multimedia studies have recently gained popularity. We treat art like a goddess and worship her in every form. Come and join us not to miss out on this artful journey.

Apart from Actuality Films, we also have courses on Watercolor Painting, Graphic Design, String Art, Video Editing, Acrylic Painting, Comic Drawing, Introduction to Architecture, Portrait Studies, Zine, Creative Thinking etc.

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