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Larry David on seeing a therapist

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Larry David at the premiere of HBO’s inimitable comedy ‘Curb Your Enthusiasms’ 11th season, didn’t talk much about the season’s episodes before they air. The creator of the show did mention how he enjoyed the luxury of freedom in deciding the premiere of new seasons for the past 20 years.

He talked about how he along with the director Jeff Schaffer would sit down together and decide story arcs and plots for new seasons and start writing it together. David explained the process of writing a few episodes and on realizing that they could make it work would call up HBO to stream it.

David has always been drawn to storytelling challenges and his signature style is a penchant for tying together unrelated plots cleverly with a unifying comic element in it. “That’s how we put it together, like a puzzle. I’ve often said that it feels like a puzzle,” he said. “It just sort of developed on ‘Seinfeld’ (1989-1998) for me. And I don’t know, it’s just the only way I know how to tell a story. I just like seeing how stories can bounce off each other and combine. And to me, it’s easier to tell stories that way, because you can move the stories along. I like how one story influences another story.” he told the press.

Executive producer Shaffer, talked about the mosaic style of the storytelling of David that reaches the next level in Season 11. The improvisation has been at all levels, be it in the dialogues of the actors or in the evolving plot of the show. He also predicts that the show might have exceptionally long longevity when asked about the coming back of the show.

In this regard, Cheryl Hines remarks “I never really know what’s being shot if I’m not there, so I’ll be watching along with everybody else wondering How this is gonna wrap up?”. Jeff Garlin says that after working together for so many seasons the cast is seasoned to the spontaneity of the comedic riffs. He talks about the inclusion of Tracey Ullman in this season, which was a highlight for him and a source of fresh energy for everyone else.

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