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Kristen Stewart on preparing to play Princess Diana in Spencer

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Kristen Stewart is to play the role of Princess Diana in her new movie ‘Spencer’ which is neither a biopic nor a documentary but a fictional story of the fall out of Princess Diana’s marriage. The fictional story revolves around the family Christmas when she decided to walk out of her marriage to Prince Charles.

At the film’s Los Angeles premiere at the DGA she stated about the film, “We’re not trying to educate anyone, we’re not trying to solve anything, We’re also not trying to like figure out whether or not we should have a monarchy. It’s what did it feel like to be her, think about what those nights were like, think about what those meals were like. It’s the moments in between.”

She had four months to prepare for the film and fit into the role of the People’s Princess. “The script doesn’t profess to know anything, it doesn’t cover any black-and-white detail, but I read everything. And somehow, in a sort of abstract way, the script substantiated everything I learned in detail. So it was really nice that ‘The Crown’ existed. And it was really nice that we’ve had all these documentaries and this evolved relationship with what happened.” Stewart said.

Pablo Larrain who is the writer and director of the movie had decided to cast Stewart because both the women faced unparalleled media scrutiny and fame at the same time. According to him, Kristen has the sort of “mystery” that will appear on the screen. He further says that even if she is not saying anything and is just standing, her appearance creates suspense and intrigue. Apart from the makeup and costume, Kristen carries herself in a manner that fits the role the best says the director.

William Conacher worked with Stewart as the dialect coach who also worked with Emma Corin for “The Crown” and with Naomi Watts in 2013’s titular Diana role. Stewart was unsure of her voice until she put it in front of the camera for the first time. Stewart said how Pablo helped him fit into it.

When asked about Prince William and Harry knowing about the film, she said that she loved the person she was playing at the same time and was also curious about her. She added that Princess Diana would have appreciated the fact that people still thought about her and talked in the most beautiful way in spite of the fact that as filmmakers they created hypothetical and make-believe situations.

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