Khamoshiyan Music Review

After backing an offbeat film like ‘Citylights’ last year, Bhatts are back to their comfort zone with ‘Khamoshiyan’, a super natural thriller. The film stars Ali Fazal and introduces TV actors Sapna Pabbi and Gurmeet Choudhary. Apart from featuring Jeet Gannguli and Ankit Tiwari, the album has new names like Naved Jafar and Bobby – Imran credited as composers.
“Tu Har Lamha”, sung by Arijit Singh, marks composer duo Bobby – Imran’s debut. The composers play it safe by composing a market-friendly number that will surely become popular because of its simplicity, sing-along tune and of course, Arijit’s voice. A soft rock track, ‘Tu Har Lamha’, has some simple lyrics written by Sayeed Quadri that will find an instant connection with the listeners. The remixed version, by DJ Angel, is fair.

“Khamoshiyan”, the title track, is exactly the kind of song one has come to expect of Jeet Gannguli – mellifluous melody with a soft rock touch. Jeet does not offer anything new but the song has a strong melody that deserves a couple of hearings. Rashmi Singh writes some thoughtful lines like ‘Kya Us Gali Mein Kabhi Tera Jaana Hua, Jahaan Se Zamaane Ko Guzre Zamaana Hua’, that help Jeet’s composition tremendously. Arijit Singh is flawless in his rendition. The song has a shorter, unplugged version where one gets to hear Arijit’s voice amidst minimal orchestration.

Arijit Singh’s name appears in the credits for the third time in a row with “Baatein Ye Kabhi Na”. The reason, behind Jeet Gannguli being roped in almost for every movie produced by Vishesh Films, could be the fact the composer’s sensibilities are similar to those of the Bhatts. Jeet, yet again, composes the kind of music that one has heard gets to hear in almost every Vishesh Films’ production since the last couple of years. The song has an old world charm to it and reminds one of ‘Rafta Rafta (Raaz 3) composed by Jeet himself. The female version, sung by Palak Mucchal, is more impressive as the song seems to suit a female voice better.

Naved Jafar makes a decent debut with “Kya Khoya”, a typical rock song that has a tune which sounds like a mélange of different songs one has heard in similar genres. Naved does not really impress as a singer and is ordinary at best. The lyrics do not work at all. A slang expression like ‘Hoyega’ is rhymed with ‘Boyega’ a formal Hindi word! The song would work better with visuals.

“Bheeg Loon” is a song that tries hard to be sensual but falls flat because of an uninspiring tune by Ankit Tiwari. The arrangements create the right ambience for a song of this kind. Prakriti Kakkar and Ankit Tiwari are good in their respective versions as both of them sing it with the right amount of drawl that the song required. While Ankit succeeds as a singer, he fails as a composer as you forget the song as you are done with the first hearing. DJ Angel salvages the track to some extent as the remixed version is far more engaging than the original.

“Subhan Allah” is an alternate version of ‘Tu Har Lamha’ with different lyrics. Anupam Amod sings well, though Arijit’s voice suits the song much more than his. The additional arrangements, particularly the table beats, are good.

Even though multiple composers have been credited with creating the music, one gets to hear a uniform sound throughout the album. ‘Khamoshiyan’ is a typical Vishesh Films soundtrack with the sound one associates with the films produced by the Bhatts. It would be interesting to see them experiment a bit (as they did with ‘Citylights’) with their music, so that the listeners get to hear something fresh and original.

Rating: 3/5

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