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Kabir Singh Trailer Review: Retains the essence of the original and that’s probably not a bad thing!

There are certain films that turn out to be game-changers for the industry they are made in. ‘Arjun Reddy’, released in 2017, proved to be one such film for the Telugu film industry. The film, which traced the journey of a young man who gets into several difficult situations in his life, includin the love of his life, because of his foul-temper was a humungous success and paved the way for several other films in a similar mould.

The Hindi remake, titled ‘Kabir Singh’, has Shahid Kapoor reprising the role played by Vijay Rachakonda in the original and Kiara Advani plays the demure Preeti which was played by Shalini Pandey in the Telugu version.

Now, ‘Kabir Singh’ is helmed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, the man who directed the original. The trailer gives an impression that the makers have stuck to the original material and have not really made an effort to make the Hindi version look different from the original. While this could upset people who were looking to watch something fresh, it is good news for the ones who wanted the remake to have the essence of the original.

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