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K-pop band XG captivates fans with their latest documentary series about their extraordinary journey

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K-pop girl gang XG aka Xtraordinary Girls, whose third single “SHOOTING STAR” has been receiving worldwide acclaim, today dropped the first episode in a new documentary series, ‘XTRA XTRA’.

The group surprised fans last month with a teaser video for the documentary on their first anniversary. XG spent five years in training before their debut and the teaser generated a lot of anticipation from fans worldwide, who were eager to learn about the group’s journey.

The #0 episode of ‘XTRA XTRA’ features a digest of the XG members JURIN, CHISA, HARVEY, HINATA, JURIA, MAYA and COCONA’s trainee days in the first half and an interview with XG’s producer, JAKOPS (SIMON), in the second half. The digest shows the members as young trainees participating in lessons and auditions, and conveys the dedication and hard work they put into their debut. In the interview, JAKOPS (SIMON) discusses XGALX’s establishment, XG’s discovery, training, planning, management, and production, all of which were independently carried out over a period of about five years. He also expresses his desire to create a new direction for girl groups, not just in K-pop or J-pop, but in a global context.

Future episodes of the documentary are likely feature a candid portrayal of XG’s journey from their formation to their debut, and fans are already eagerly anticipating the next installment.

XG has also released their first remix, “SHOOTING STAR REMIXX (PROD BY JAKOPS)” on April 7. The album includes two tracks, “SHOOTING STAR (BARS REMIXX FEAT. RICO NASTY)”, which features American rapper Rico Nasty and “SHOOTING STAR (CHILL REMIXX)”, a reinterpreting the original hip-hop/R&B track as a trance and chill-out track. The release has generated buzz worldwide, and fans are encouraged to stay tuned for XG’s latest endeavours.

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