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JP Dutta’s daughter to get engaged

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Filmmaker-writer JP Dutta and actress Bindiya Goswami’s daughter, producer Nidhi Dutta, is getting engaged with director Binoy Gandhi today in the presence of about 25 people, mostly their families and friends. The couple plans to get married in December. The mehendi ceremony took place on Thursday.

Nidhi shares, “For Binoy and me it’s been a little bit of history repeating itself and too many similarities between my parents’ love story and ours. Mom and dad met on a film called ‘Sarhad’ which was supposed to be dad’s directorial debut and mom was to act in it. The film never saw the light of day, but turned out to be the reason for their happily ever after. For us, we met through a common friend. Binoy was to direct a film for our company, so it was his directorial debut and I was to act in it. Again, the film never saw the light of the day, but turned out to be the beginning of our happily ever after. Binoy is reason behind my smile. I’ve always tried to be a son to my family, be the responsible one, be the grown up and somewhere I forgot what it was like to be spoilt and what it was like to have someone to lean on no matter what. Binoy has been my support system, my happiness quotient and the reason behind my smile for five years now.”

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