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“I would love to do a dance based film or show” – Deepti Sati

Deepti Sati grew up in Mumbai in a house which she shared with her parents, unlike her character Ranjeeta in the new web show ‘Only For Singles’, who goes through a tough time looking for an accommodation in the city after she moves out of her parent’s home. After working in films across different languages, the show marks her debut in the digital space. It also happens to be her first project in Hindi. In this interview, she talks about the show, things bachelors should keep in mind while moving to Mumbai, plans to do a Hindi film, wish to do a dance based project and more.

You grew up in Mumbai, so I guess you did not have to go through any of the situations your character faces in the show.

Yes, I am fortunate enough to live with my parents in this city. I never faced these kind of issues myself but I have had so many friends who have come to Mumbai from different cities and towns. They went through a lot of issues while looking for an accommodation and would speak to me about their experiences in detail. That helped me understand the plight of my character. Also, my parents are not from this city. My father is from Nainital and my mother is from Kochi. They had to go through several problems when they first moved in here.

What is the one thing bachelors should keep in mind when they look for an accommodation in Mumbai?

Maska maaro (laughs). You have to portray yourself to be very innocent and quiet. Most landlords have trust issues with bachelors. You have to convince them that you are a seedha-saada person who is only interested in your studies and work.

Do you think these issues are only confined to Mumbai?

No, I think these kind of problems exist everywhere. I think people in Mumbai are more open-minded than in other cities but the problem is that there is not enough space in the city. Even if you get a house, you are given various kind of diktats – do not bring your friends home, do not play loud music, do not party etc. My friends keep telling me about these issues that they face on a regular basis.

You have worked in films in different languages. This is your first outing on the small screen. How was the experience?

It was a very good experience. Web is growing at a rapid pace. You have to be a part of the digital space if you want to be relevant. All the big actors and filmmakers are working in this space. As actors, all of us want to do good work and the quality of content is driving everybody here.  

You have not done a Hindi film so far. Any plans of doing one in the near future?

I would definitely do a Hindi film if a good opportunity comes my way. ‘Only For Singles’, in fact, is my first ever Hindi project. Right now, I am just enjoying my journey and trying to make the best of every opportunity I am getting.

You are a Mumbai girl. How did South films happen?

I have participated and won a couple of beauty pageants. A director was looking for a fresh face. One of the judges’ friends knew my mom was from Kerala and thus, asked me if I would be interested in doing a Malayalam film. The film was being directed by Lal Joseph, who, I later discovered, was a huge name in the Malayalam film industry. They called me for a meeting and a look test and in the next three days I had started shooting.

You are a trained dancer. Would you like to bring this skill to the fore on the screen?

Of course! I would love to do a dance based film or show. I have been dancing for several years and it is my biggest passion in life.

You have not done television till now. Would you be interested if you are offered a TV show?

As an actor, my goal is to be a part of quality content. I think television is also evolving. On a particular TV show, there was this protagonist who was a transgender. I would not mind doing a good, finite show on television.   

How did this ‘Only For Singles’ happen? Did you audition for it?

Yes. They were looking to cast for one of the characters called Ranjeeta. A friend of mine informed me about the audition. I auditioned for the part and bagged it.

What are you doing next?

I am doing a Tamil film which will be primarily shot in London. It is a female oriented romantic comedy. It is a very exciting subject and is on the lines of ‘Vicky Donor’. I am in talks for a couple of web shows but have not signed anything yet.

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