“I want to be known as a multifaceted artist” – Arian Romal


Arian Romal wears many hats. He acts, sings, composes music and directs music videos. And, he does all of these things well. The multi-talented artist who spent a large part of his life in Europe, arrived in India a couple of years back and has been making his presence felt in in the entertainment industry in different capacities. In this interview, he talks about his upcoming film ‘Fight For Love’, trying out different things as an artist, the importance of giving creativity a chance and the way he plans to take his career forward in the Hindi film industry.

You have been making music since you were nineteen. Have you taken formal training in music?
I actually started making music since I was thirteen. It became a profession by the time I turned nineteen and I started making money out of it. I did not go to any music school or teacher but I worked with a big music director in Europe. I used to sit with him in his studio and observe the way he was working. That is the only professional training I had. I had some piano and guitar for a short time but I did not learn classical music. Music direction is a creative job. You have to learn the basics and then, try to create music on your own. I just learnt the basics and then, I started creating music the way I wanted to.

You had shot for a film called ‘Fight For Love’ two years back. It was supposed to be your Bollywood debut as an actor. What is the status of the film?
The makers of the film wanted a European sound in the film’s music. I went to meet them as a music director but there was some miscommunication and they thought that I had come to meet to audition for the lead role. I had a good physique and that added to the confusion. After fifteen minutes or so, the confusion was cleared but they liked my personality and asked me if I would like to play the lead role in the film. As far as the status of the film is concerned, it should release soon. It is a futuristic film with a lot of VFX and motion-capturing, so the post-production process is taking a while to be completed.

You were born and brought up in Europe. What made you come to India?
My mom was living in Mumbai and she asked me to come and stay with her for some time. I had some friends here who told me that I should try to get into Bollywood as a music director. I started making some songs and then, one thing led to another and I have been living and working here for a couple of years now.

How did your collaboration with Aditya Narayan for the tracks ‘Body Like A Bomba’ and ‘Rab Di Kasam’ come about?
I had made a song and was looking for a male singer. I did not know too many young singers as I was very new to the city. I started going through some videos on YouTube and came across a song sung by Aditya. I really liked his voice and decided to use his voice for the song.


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