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“I never set any boundaries for myself in regards to my singing” – Mohini Shri Gaur

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Mohini Shri Gaur took singing as a career in 1992 and learnt light vocal training from her father, Shri Ashok Chocksey from Shivpuri. Her musical journey never stops and continues with her passion for music. In this candid interview, the singer shares her love for singing and exploring different genres while maintaining a penchant for ghazals. She works hard on her singles and “Sukoon-E-Gham Remembering You” is her latest.

How did “Sukoon-E-Gham Remembering You” happen and are you proud of it?
This song happened because I wanted to pay tribute to my father as he has taught me a lot about light music very dedicatedly and I learnt from him in a same way and I am really proud of it.

Where is your hometown and how much has changed since then?
My hometown is Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh. It is a small but beautiful city and I have done my schooling from Shivpuri. We used to sit for at least 4 to 5 hours with my father Shri Ashok Chocksey for regular ‘riyaaz’ when I was a teenager, after my schooling I came to Indore and started my recordings, concerts and did my higher education, B.A and M.A in Public Administration. And finally I came to Mumbai and have been working here since 18 years now. So it’s been a very progressive and mindful journey from my hometown to Mumbai.

Do you get offers to sing in films?
Yes, I have got many songs to sing for films.

How much have you changed as a person since your first recording and release?
I have changed a lot since my first recording, I have learnt more in the field of singing and I am still learning. I have become a better version of myself and still on the journey of becoming better and better.

Are you satisfied with the response of “Dhoop Mein Chal Ke Remembering You”?
Yes I am very satisfied with the response and I want to thank all my amazing listeners for giving so much love to my songs.

Now you have released “Sukoon-E-Gham Remembering You”, what would you like fans to know about the meaning behind the music on your next upcoming single? Where can fans find your music when it is released?
“Sukoon-E-Gham” is an another beautiful Ghazal written by the great ancient shayar Daagh Dehlvi. My fans and listeners can reach me for my songs online.

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Ghazal remains one of your favourite genres. Am I right? How do you define this form of poetry?
Yes you are right. I love to sing ghazals and it’s like my childhood companion. At the time when my childhood and teenager friends used to sing filmy songs, I wasn’t even aware of that genre, I used to listen and practice serious and deep genre of Ghazal. The kind of sensitive, sensible and deeply meaningful poetry I used to sing, it made me more inclined towards ghazal singing. But on the other hand I’m a very versatile singer when it comes to other genres as well. Loving something is different and being a professional singer is a very different thing. I never set any boundaries for myself in regards to my singing.

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What has been your biggest challenge in your music career so far? How did you overcome that obstacle?
I’m not against any profession but to choose any career which is not very regular in society and in terms of acceptance, is a challenge itself. But I listened to my heart and my senses and took every possible fair step to pursue singing as my profession. It was never a easy path for me to achieve whatever I have dreamt of. A person or an artist grow with the perseverance and patience. Industry is not a easy place to survive when you have your own terms of working. In the industry you will find lots and lots of real time issues like favourism, favouritism, lobbying and many more but on the other side I would like to thank all the platforms and people I worked with for their unbiased and fair cooperation where I got the opportunities just because of my talent and potential. Whatever I have done till now, it’s just because of good hearted people who have supported me and trusted my capabilities. So I overcome all the obstacles because of my strong upbringing, my talent, my patience, my supporters in every way of my life, blessings of my parents, love and faith of my family and of course by the grace of God it has been possible for me.

There is a lack of work for many artists today. Do you still feel motivated to continue singing?
Of course! This is not a very favourable time for performing artists. I’m also facing the same issues like others but music is not only a profession for me, I do it compassionately. Music itself is a motivation for me. I’m very positive and hopeful for the future. Time will change and everything will be at its place again in a better and beautiful way.

Who would you like to collaborate with the most at this moment?
Arijit Singh.










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