“I have shifted to Canada” – Rajat Bedi


You’ve been away from the big screen for a while now. Is it a conscious effort?
Yes, it has been a conscious effort as I was not too happy with the way my film career was going, and I got a wonderful business opportunity, so I took a pause and persued my financial dreams.

Your show ‘Lajwanti’ has been generating quite an excitement in the TV circuit. Your thoughts on that?
It is exciting to know there is lot of curiosity and excitement in the TV circuit. I am also very nervous as this is my first experience as a producer and I have been nurturing this production for the past nine months and on September 28, 2015, finally I will see my baby, whom I have cared for and given my heart and soul, will be showcased worldwide. I have been fortunate to be working on a story that has been written by my grandfather Late Rajinder Singh Bedi and also it is my grandfather’s 100th birth anniversary. In addition to that, it is also the first time that I have got an opportunity to work with my brother and sister. So this show means the world to me.

We hear you’ve shifted to Canada. Why? Don’t you miss Mumbai?
Yes I have shifted to Canada, Vancouver, but it was not a planned decision, it just happened. I was not very happy with my film career and perused my financial dreams; that’s what took me to Canada. I miss Mumbai a lot and my heart and soul has always been here and will always be. I miss being a part of film the industry and miss my friends and family too.

What are your future projects as as an actor?
I have been fortunate to get a big South film opposite a superstar call “Darshan” and the name of the film is ‘Jaggu Dada’. The film is under-production and will be releasing early next year. I have also signed two big Bollywood films which will be rolling shortly.


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