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“I feel that my style is very feminine which comes across in all my collections” – Shehla Khan

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Shehla Khan, whose designs have been adorned by numerous celebrities, is ready with her Spring 2016 Collection. In this interview, the designer talks about all that her new collection has to offer, seeking inspiration from her family, her personal style that reflects in her designs and designing for films.

Could you share something about your Spring 2016 collection?
It is called ‘A Sky Full Of Stars.’ It consists of the elements we see in the sky – cloud, stars, rainbows etc. My style is quite dreamy, in fact people tell me I am quite a spaced out person. I have incorporated flowers that look like constellations. I have converted these ideas into embroidery. I used classic silhouettes in a whole new approach in elegant summer wear. The clothes are not very blingy and are easy to wear. The collection is basically a representation of my exquisite dream – a sky full of stars.

Your aunt has been a prominent name in the Indian embroidery business and your father has worked with top international designers. Do we see their influence seeping into your work?
Of course, they have influenced me in a huge way. Both of them are hugely talented professionals and almost everything that I know about fashion is because of them. I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer even when I was in school. Even though my dad and my aunt inspired me a lot, I wanted to carve my own space in the industry. Of course, the fact that they were a part of this industry helped me a lot. Even today, I see their work and it inspires me so much.

Your designs are known to have an old world charm to them. How would you describe your style?
I would not say my designs have an old world to them. Yes, I do seek inspiration from the vintage or the classic style. I do not have very dramatic style be it Indian or Western. It is very detailed. Personally, I feel that my style is very feminine which comes across in all my collections. I tend go a little bohemian at times but I don’t think I can ever be completely bohemian. I wear a lot of black and white. I love sarees, I think are the most elegant form of Indian wear. You can wear a saree when you got out for a date or a party. It goes well with every occasion. I do not like to dress up very much, I am very minimal. I believe less is more.

Several leading film starts have adorned your designs over the years. Wold you like to design for films in the future?
I would love to design for films. It is just that there has not been anything that has come my way and has interested me as yet.

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