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“I am here just to do good work, be it for small or big banners” – Azhar Khan

Photo Credit: Gaurav Sethi

Azhar Khan started off his career in modelling and hails from a theatre background. After modelling, he decided to take the plunge into acting and believes to give his best in Bollywood, irrespective of the character. The model turned actor is going to be the new fresh face of Bollywood and his debut is the upcoming movie ‘Season’s Greetings’ opposite Celina Jaitly. In the interview, he talks about his background, how it felt to be cheated in the industry and challenges ahead.

How much preparation is needed for ‘Seasons’s Greetings’ opposite Celina Jaitly?
Definitely a lot of preparation was needed as it is my debut film. Since Celina Jaitly is such an experienced actor, I wanted everything to be perfect from my end.

Are you worried with so many newcomers coming and not making it successfully?
I think every newcomer is putting in their best efforts. Success in this industry can be challenging. Once must be wise in choosing the right script and director and luck above all I think plays a huge role.

Describe how life was in Pune back in the days.
Pune is a beautiful city with an amazing weather. I love how the city balances itself between a metro and a small town feel. I came here as a student, as the city grew on me and I continued staying here and started my business.

What is the experience working with writer-author-director Ram Kamal Mukherjee?
He’s a great guy, definitely the most honest and sorted guy I’ve met in the industry. It was fun working with him.

Do you receive a lot of compliments regarding your physique?
I have always been at times and been stopped and complimented on my physique.

You look is quite rugged. Are you afraid to be typecast in the future because of your unique look?
The look of Usmaan in ‘Season’s Greetings’ demanded the rugged look, on which I worked and achieved the same for the film. I think I have the ability to mould myself into any character I am playing which can demand various looks. So no, I am not scared of being typecast.

Do you still believe in famous and prominent personalities in Bollywood after being cheated once? How did you take this incident personally?
Without faith, I could have never moved forward. I have always believed and will continue to have my faith in the industry, because this industry is made by some great personalities. The whole industry cannot be blamed because of a few cheats. Even though my experience was very disheartening, I did not stop believing in my destiny that’s something which nobody can take away from me.

Would you call yourself a romantic person?
Yes, I think I would like to believe I am a romantic person.

How would you define inspiration?
I believe inspiration comes from passion till the time you are passionate about what you do, you will always be inspired.

Which actors do you admire?
I have great admiration for our living legend Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and King Khan Mr. Shah Rukh Khan. Not just because they’re great actors, I admire the way they’ve achieved great heights not just professionally but have balanced their personal lives too.

A lot of eyes will also be on you as Celina Jaitly is returning on the big screen after 7 long years. How do you deal with the pressure and excitement of this release?
Yes definitely a lot of eyes would be on me, because while Celina is making a comeback after 7 long years, people would be inquisitive about who is she making her comeback with. I’m nervous, yes! But very excited as it’s my debut film, in just moving ahead with the attitude that I have so much more to learn from this industry.

How many times per month do you eat junk food?
As much as I love junk food, I have to maintain a strict diet and regime to keep my body in shape, however I do binge in on junk once a week on my cheat day.

Are you interested to work for small or big banners at the start of your career?
I am here just to do good work, be it for small or big banners.

Would you feel comfortable in the future that for every love scene you do, there is an intimacy supervisor?
Not just the intimacy supervisor, let me tell you there are a lot more crew members present during an intimate shoot. My concentration is to do justice to the character I am playing and will always be that in whichever role I play.

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