“Hope next time when Badshah copies our hook, he drops in a small thank you!”- Nitz ‘N’ Sony

Nitin Arora and Sony Chandy have been in the industry for a little over 15 years. They usually keep a low profile but focus a lot on their work. Their last release was Ganesh Acharya’s ‘Hey Bro’ in 2015. Since then, the two have been working on a few non-film and film projects. Excerpts from the interview where they share on the Badshah’s lift, their style of working and philosophy of life!

“DJ” (‘Hey Bro’) is such a huge hit online. Why haven’t we heard another big dance hit from you?
It’s on the way! We haven’t had a release post “DJ”. Yet, you will hear it soon!

“DJ” was officially released on 30 January 2015 by T-Series and Badshah’s “DJ Waley Babu” was released on 16 July 2015 by Sony Music India. Can you please clarify the lift?
(Laughs). Guess it’s Sisodiya (Badshah’s real name) who owes the clarification! Just that it would have been nice, if he acknowledged being inspired by our song “DJ” so much that he forgot the fat thick line between being inspired and “lifting”. The sad part was that he even lifted (with a few changes) my interview and the real life incident behind the idea for the song. Anyway, the copy sold more than the original. But I guess that happens with all imitations. Hope next time when he copies our hook, he drops in a small “Thank You”.

Even “DJ” has been hugely appreciated, many on social media platforms suggested that Shalmali Kholgade would have made a better choice for this song than Sunidhi Chauhan. Do you agree with them?
Regarding Sunidhi, we were very sure about her. We suggested her to try modulating her voice in a manner that it projects an innocent expression of some kind, if possible. Just before entering the recording studio, Sunidhi paused for a moment, turned and asked if she should sing the song like a bubbly galloping teenager who is kind of cute instead of hot. We found the idea absolutely amazing and we guess that was the best decision we made on the track. Shalmali is another amazing talent. We haven’t worked with her yet but definitely will do a song in a style which is not what is expected of her. We hope that she would like that too and surely surprise us with her genius.

Why is success eluding you?
We firmly believe that success is a journey, not a destination and we are thoroughly enjoying it. And before you mention “commercial success”, we had three chartbuster songs last year! We can’t complain.

How are you seeing this industry evolving?
Well, evolution is a cosmic reality! So it’s natural for our industry too. We see a lot happening in the near future with the advent of digital technology, affordable internet and mobile reach. That will shape the future of music and film, and usher a lot of fresh talent and brilliant minds into the creative world. And increase the audience base manifold.

You have composed various genres of songs, in movies such as ‘Teesri Aankh: The Hidden Camera’ (2006), ‘Swami’ (2007), ‘Money Hai Toh Honey Hai'(2008), ‘Spark’ (2008) and ‘Hey Bro’ (2015). Can you really come up with any tune for any situation?
The tune lies within the situation. But yes, we love working on various genres of music. Guess it would be safe to say, that we have a versatile taste and ability in composing music.

What do you think about competition in this industry?
Well, there must be, I guess. We haven’t encountered any so far. I mean we do not compare ourselves with anyone else. We feel music is a form of expression. Everyone is expressing what they feel, understand or comprehend. Yeah, there is competition within our yesterday, today and tomorrow. We wish to grow with every tune; musically, technically, emotionally, intellectually as well as spiritually. And music helps in all of the above.

Are music composers being fairly compensated these days?
Well to each his own. We do not know about what other composers are earning and we are still learning. So we are still on stipend! On a serious note, I think after the 2012 amendment in the Copyright Act, the royalty share must be reaching the composers rightfully.

Nitin: what is happening to your acting stints?
I just shot for a film called ‘Exit’ with Kunaal Roy Kapur. It’s a supernatural thriller. It is a guest appearance, but I enjoyed playing the part! There are some more very interesting, yet exclusive projects lined up. I only choose roles that are challenging, different and satisfying.

What do you guys do when there is no work?
We stopped working more than a decade ago! We have been pursuing our passion since. We were making music then, and we make music now. Yeah, we record for films once in a while. I’m sorry for the dark humor! But yeah we are working on a few non-film projects as well apart from composing film songs. That keeps us busy!

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