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Here’s sorting 5 reasons why Akshay Kumar’s Pad Man is a must watch

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Director R. Balki’s films have always given fans food for thought long after leaving the movie halls. And his biopic drama ‘Pad Man’ (2018), inspired by the life of social entrepreneur, Arunachal Muruganantham is no different. Today, as the film completes four successful years of release, let’s take a look back at what made the film the massive success it is.

R. Balki’s clean storytelling

R. Balki’s school of directing has involve great cinema with a message. With his realistic and raw form of directions in ‘Pad Man’, the director gave us some serious food for thought and sparked conversations across Indian households.

Spectacular performances

‘Pad Man’ features some convincing performances by Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte. The star cast wears the face of their characters throughout the film and gives us a great show.

Arunachalam Muruganantham’s story

Inspired by the social entrepreneur’s real life story, ‘Pad Man’ brings alive Muruganantham’s struggles and process of inventing low-cost sanitary napkins. ‘Pad Man’ gave us a realistic hero, who confronts ground reality concerns like scarcity of affordable sanitary napkins, especially in rural India.

Degstimatising menstruation

In the film, Radhika Apte’s dialogues, “Hum aurton ke liye, bimari se marna, sharam ke sath jeene se zada behtar hai” (For us women, it’s better to die with deadly disease, rather than living a shameful life), sums up the intensity of the taboo surrounding menstruation in Indian society. The film highlights the urgency of getting rid of this mentality and taboo.

Empowering women

“Stronger women make a stronger country”, a dialogue said by Akshay Kumar in the movie is a beacon of hope and has a very strong message. ‘Pad Man’ sees the actor schooling a group of people around how women empowerment is necessary for a better country.

All in all, the movie makes us believe that there is still hope for women in our country.

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