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Here’s how Salman Khan showed his big heart once again!

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Salman Khan is often regarded as the man with a golden heart. The statement doesn’t just hold relevance for the sake of it but is actually true as one can figure out based on Salman’s actions.

‘Upar Bhagwan toh niche Salman’ (If there’s God on heaven then there’s Salman on Earth), that’s often the phrase used for him by those who have been a beneficiary of his help. His ‘Being Human Foundation’ is responsible for conducting the education of thousands of kids in a year. It also performs various kinds of heart operations and transplants for the poor and the needy who can’t afford the super expensive treatment costs.

Many years ago, Sushmita Sen had once said that one fine night, when her child suddenly fell extremely ill and she didn’t have a car or anyone to help her, Salman came all the way to her home at night, took her child in his own car and got the child treated in a hospital. Not just that, his friends from the industry, Raveena Tandon and Shilpa Shetty also said that when they had requested everyone to play a cameo in their films, everybody rejected the proposal but Salman was right up there standing for his friends. In short, Bollywood’s beloved ‘Bhaijaan’ is a people’s person.

And once again, he has shown the same trait recently with his co actor from ‘Dabangg 3’, Daddi Pandey. According to reports, Daddi Pandey recently faced a heart attack and since then, Salman has always kept a track on him and is extremely worried about him. His ‘Being Human Foundation’ is taking care of all the expenses and currently Daddi Pandey is being treated at a hospital in Goregaon, Mumbai. Not just that, Salman has also involved a person from his foundation to take care of all his necessities and is personally keeping a track of his health whenever possible.

Well, indeed when one gets to hear of such actions, one restores his or her faith in humanity once again and most importantly on the fact that good people still exist in this world who are always ready to take a stand for the needy.

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