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Here’s how Kajol is taking us back to the ’90s!

It is beyond any doubt that the film industry has changed drastically over the years. But why not? Afterall, change is the only constant in this planet.
Pretty much everything has changed in Bollywood today. The actors, the shooting setup, shooting schedule, music and even the sets.

One may feel like we are going forward with every passing year but that might not be true always. Even if the technology and the VFX have improved to great extent, there are things which have gone down quality wise.

People are often seen cribbing about the lack of good original Hindi tracks in the music department. Nowadays, the songs are mostly remixes of earlier hits or rap based songs. Another thing, the frequency of which has gone down drastically well is new actors coming into the industry who don’t belong to a star family. Today, the producers are much more skeptical about investing in something experimental unlike what it used to be earlier.

The luxury and comfort level of actors too have gone up high. From luxurious vanity vans to first class service at everything, they are getting it all. Not that we endorse the fact that they don’t deserve it. But it’s important to mention about it while we discuss the past.

But why are we suddenly talking about the ’90s here? It is because our very own ‘DDLJ girl’, Kajol has decided to have a throwback moment into the 90’s as she talks about those days with big phones around and how it was more preferable to sit in the sets rather than walking a long way to the vans which would be parked at a far distance. She put forward a throwback picture of her from the sets of her hit film, ‘Ishq’ alongside Ajay Devgn, Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla.

We wonder what her ‘hubby’ Ajay Devgn and friends Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla and Aamir Khan have to say on this.

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