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Helmet Movie Review

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India has become the second largest populated country in the world and the story of the movie is all about the rising population and the rise of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases every year. Director Satram Ramani wanted to focus on this issue and tried to make a public service announcement through this movie that how and why condoms are important in our life and how it can protect us.

‘Helmet’ movie is a story about a wedding band singer named, Lucky (Aparshakti Khurana) who lives in a north Indian town named, Raj Nagar. He is in love with Rupali (Pranutan Bahl), who is a flowers supplier for weddings. Lucky dreams of having his own band company one day and also wants to marry Rupali, but he couldn’t impress and convince her father (Ashish Vidyarthi) that he is the perfect groom for Rupali. Lucky couldn’t find any other way out to stop Rupali getting married to an NRI, so he wanted to earn money as soon as possible and makes a plan with his friends Minus (Ashish Verma) and Sultan (Abhishek Banerjee) of stealing boxes full of mobile phones from an online kart company to sell outside on a double price. Then a sudden twist in his life forces him to peddle condoms, which he is too embarrassed to buy from a local medical shop.

The story is quite entertaining at first where condom selling directly to local public by secretly using helmet to cover their faces, as condoms are very embarrassing things for people to buy openly. The last part of the movie is quite emotional and intense yet a proclamation why condoms are important.

We have seen this kind of taboo topic related movie before as in Ayushmann Khurrana starred ‘Vicky Donor’ (2012), where the story dealt with a subject about sperm donation. However, ‘Helmet’ couldn’t make that much of an emotional impression like ‘Vicky Donor’. We have also recently watched Kriti Sanon starred ‘Mimi’ (2021), where the topic is about surrogacy which is also a taboo topic in our society.

This is Aparshakti Khurana’s first film in a lead role. He has brilliantly portrayed his character as Lucky. Pranutan Bahl’s character as Rupali is quite good. Though her role seemed not so highlighting. This is her second movie. Her debut movie was ‘Notebook’ (2019). Ashish Verma and Abhishek Banerjee’s roles are very entertaining and it’s too much fun to watch.

The story written by Satram Ramani and Gopal Mudhane is very interesting throughout as the movie portrays the serious issue about Indian men’s contraception in a humorous way. Rohan Shankar’s screenplay dialogues are equally spellbinding. His dialogue “Chahiye Sabko, Lekin Mangna Kisiko Nahi” (Everyone wants it but hesitate to ask for it) is a very true and important issue which we always overlook but it needs to be addressed. Overall, the social message makes the movie very interesting and good to watch.

‘Helmet’ is currently streaming on Zee5.

Rating: 3/5

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