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Guilty Minds Review

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‘Guilty Minds’ is a well-balanced, modern, realistic web series that talks about the blues of life. It also advocates the fact that everything is not black or white, there are huge areas of grey. With strong male and female characters who are capable professionally and of everything good and bad equally, this series brings a new approach to portraying characters. Every person has their demons and they all are fighting them in their own ways. The series doesn’t differentiate the good and the bad conventionally, rather focuses on giving space to each character for their growth.

If one has watched the American drama series ‘Suits’ (2011), involving lawyers and courtroom drama, then ‘Guilty Minds’ is nothing but an inferior, Indianised version of it. For people who have watched courtroom dramas such as ‘Pink’ (2016) or ‘Thappad’ (2020) this is a much more realistic version.

The series talks about important subjects such as consent, modernization, development, corruption, etc. It speaks out loud about all the blurred areas of open discussion. Yet, being a drama that involves lawyers and court cases, one would expect more to digging up into the loopholes of law through the characters. This series could have shown the thorough research work that a lawyer does and more deep arguments in the courtroom involving ‘between the lines’ logic.

Created by Shefali Bhushan along with Manav Bhushan, Jayant Somalkar and Deeksha Gujral, this series is fresh and engaging with enormous complexities in the personal and professional lives of all the characters. Shriya Pilgaokar and Varun Mitra in lead roles have done a commendable job.

‘Guilty Minds’ is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Videos.

Rating:- 3/5

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