Guest Iin London Movie Review

We all know why Ashwini Dhir, the director of ‘Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?’ declined to declare this movie a sequel to ‘Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?’ because it is nowhere near it. It stars Kartik Aaryan, who also has been named as Aryan in the film (So creative!), Kriti Kharbanda (Anaya), Paresh Rawal (Gangasharan Gandotra aka Gaga Chacha), Tanvi Azmi (Shazia Khan) and Sanjay Mishra (Bekhabar Habib).

The film starts off when they show Aryan and Anaya – a British Indian babe, perform a sham marriage because Aryan wants to obtain a life-long stay in London and Anaya wants to make some quick cash. They get a marriage date and to keep an eye on them, Inspector Habib (Sanjay Mishra) keeps popping through the boundaries of the house.

The problem starts when the guest – Gangasharan Gandotra (Paresh Rawal) along with his wife anyhow manages to enter Aryan and Anaya’s house. Now as it’s Bollywood and we’ve a couple wanting to do a sham marriage, having an old couple in their house – join the dots, they all scream for a wedding. The best thing about the film was how they edited the promos out, every good thing was showed in it. All this and how the guests were really there for a motive is binded with a very slow screenplay and some lousy dialogues. The director shows some honesty in the climax but it is too late – the ship has sunk by then.

Kartik Aaryan delivers a strictly decent performance and he’s good in some scenes. His forced shocking reactions and his fake laugh are too much too handle with such a script. Kriti Kharbanda delivers a honest performance but she badly needs a speech trainer to improvise her dialogue delivery. Paresh Rawal who was supposed to be the heart of the film, tries hard to save this film but instead goes down with the low-paid plot. Tanvi Azmi is to back Paresh Rawal up whenever he farts and her role is wind-breaking. Sanjay Mishra has the “Inner me, also me” moment with the film in which his ‘inner me’ shouts for doing films like ‘Ankho Dekhi’ but his ‘also me’ does films like ‘Guest Iin London’.

Brace yourselves up because the story isn’t the only the bad thing about the film, there are songs too. “Guest Iin London – Title Song” initiates the proceedings keeping our already low expectations lower. Music given by Raghav Sachar and Amit Mishra found some appreciation on social media when it was released but is used very lazily in the film. The romantic track “Dil Mera” only appreciates the slow pace of the film dragging it even down. “Frankly Tu Sona Nachdi” comes at a point of time where you start counting how much time you’ve to be in the cinema hall. The song “Rabba Meray Haal Da Mehram Tu” stands out of all – it’s the silver lining in this otherwise dull film. Cinematography by Sudhir Chaudhary is worth drooling over as it’s London. The film also covers the outskirts of the city making the final result beautiful. The usage of the green screen is more frequent than the fart/potty jokes and the problem is that it is visible. Ashwini Dhir who has previously directed good comedies like ‘Son Of Sardaar’ and ‘Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?’ sleeps throughout this film.

On the whole, if only this film would’ve even tried to entertain after displaying such a promising cast! Paresh Rawal farts 10 times. If you want more reasons to skip this – there is a Ghazal on farting where Sanjay Mishra introduces his wife as “Noore-E-Nazar, Zero Figure”. I guess that’s enough. Ajay Devgn’s cameo is nothing to brag about.

Rating – 1/5

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