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Gauri Khan praises Shah Rukh Khan

Gauri Khan might not be an actress or a celebrity in that way directly but then when it comes to being Shah Rukh Khan’s wife, you are no less than a celebrity.

Shah Rukh and Gauri have been together for many years even before Shah Rukh became an actor in Mumbai. Gauri has been a rock solid pillar in Shah Rukh’s life and has supported him unconditionally even when he didn’t become the ‘Shah Rukh Khan’. The couple have been married for more than 20 years now and are still going strong and setting examples on how to groom a relationship and take it till the end.

Gauri Khan was recently at a book launch event in Pune where she was asked about the positives and negatives of being Shah Rukh Khan’s wife. To that, Gauri responded that she doesn’t at all bother about the few negatives because the positives are so many and so good because of who Shah Rukh Khan is.

She also added that Shah Rukh Khan is an amazing husband and a father and she is immensely fortunate and lucky to be married to a man like him. The sweetest point that Gauri Khan spoke of Shah Rukh was the fact that she cannot forget how Shah Rukh Khan helped her in launching ‘Gauri Khan Designs’ and he is indeed the ideal husband one can get.

Well, Shah Rukh Khan unfortunately might not be having the best of time on a professional level but it is always nice to hear Gauri Khan heap praises on Shah Rukh Khan as it indeed speaks a great deal about the man that he is.

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