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Dr. Marcus Ranney’s Book “At The Human Edge” Released

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The Non-Fiction Popular Science Book on the Human Body’s Adaptive Quality to Extremes has South African Cricketer Jonty Rhodes Write a Positive Review Acknowledging its Importance

Mumbai, January 13th 2021: The year 2020 proved to the world the importance of our health, wellbeing and performance in achieving our Human Edge.

The human body’s ability to adapt to extreme environments is amazing; and there is a science behind the way we take advantage of every challenging situation, for our benefit. To understand the physiological (and psychological) side, Dr. Marcus Ranney has come out with his book “At The Human Edge”. This non-fiction popular science book delves into the limits of human physiology and performance and explores the cellular world of human adaptation & its response to extremes. And Dr. Marcus’ two decades background into global health & wellbeing boosts the book’s credibility.

At The Human Edge has readers explore extreme environments and adventures across every corner of the globe. The reader is brought face to face with the challenges these bring and is taken on a journey to understand how one adapts & ultimately can triumph over them. What this very informative & easily readable book delves into are the complex aspects of human cellular biology made easy and connecting them with human history and our spirit of adventure; taking the reader from planting a flag on the summit of Mt. Everest to stepping foot upon the surface of Mars, from completing the 42 kilometres Mumbai Marathon to trekking to reach the icy depths of the South Pole (and many many more)! Anyone interested in our biological adaptive spirit must pick this science book by Dr. Marcus.

And Jonty Rhodes has written an in-depth review about this book in it. This International Cricketer, Current Coach, Commentator and Traveller from South Africa inspires many to reach his fitness levels. Even at 51, he can shame youngsters half his age. Regarding At The Human Edge, he writes, “At The Human Edge, by Dr. Marcus Ranney, is not just a book for elite athletes looking to improve their performance, but a guide for all of us, to journey towards our “best self”. It inspires us to go beyond our perceived limitations and by doing so, to truly be alive and operate at our fullest potential.”

A business professional working in the field of healthcare & technology, Dr. Marcus has done his Bachelors of Science and Medical degrees from University College Medical School in London. Passionate about extreme physiology, he has travelled all over the world for research work, spending time on Mt. Everest, the Arctic Circle and the European Alps. Having worked in the Royal Air Force and at NASA, he shifted to Mumbai in 2010, where he has been working in the fields of healthcare & life sciences. Dr. Marcus is an acknowledged authority and has contributed to many published thought leadership pieces on the same, apart from being a keynote speaker, digital talk show host, public health commentator and now frontline medic against the Covid-19 pandemic. This human wellbeing exponent believes that for sustainable human health, one needs to focus on the positive attributes of human development rather than just on sick-care and disease. Dr. Marcus happens to be a keen athlete and long-distance marathon runner. He has a Guinness World Record in his name for backward running.

In the present pandemic situation, Dr. Marcus Ranney’s latest book At The Human Edge is a must-read. Pick up this non-fiction popular science book on human body adaptation to extremes.

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