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Crash Course Review

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Adolescence is a very vulnerable age of human life. One is more prone to mistakes and life changing decisions during this time. ‘Crash Course’ is a series that is extremely relatable for students and teens.

This is a saga of eight aspirants who have come to the city of Kota and take admission in two rival coaching institutions. The evils of the education system are revealed in this series. The rival institutes are hell bent on gaining complete control of the education business in Kota at the cost of ruining the other. For these institutions, the life of these students and its teachers are nothing but a game. 

Every actor plays their role amazingly and a special mention should be made to Annu Kapoor for his brilliant acting. All the characters bring out the emotions in its fullest form. The characters will feel extremely relatable and at every stage they are constantly evolving, leading to subplots that ultimately bring out the climax of the show. 

The storyline is relatable and based on true incidents. One will find a strange connection with every character and their story. The individual stories are blended extremely well in the series that makes it binge worthy. 

Crash Course is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Videos.

Rating:- 3/5

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