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“Cinema will always be the biggest medium” – Smita Tambe

Smita Tambe has made a mark for herself as an actress in cinema and theatre and has now stepped into the digital space with her show ‘My Name Is Sheela’. In this exclusive interview, she talks about the show, the difference in Marathi and Hindi cinema, the kind of content she wants to produce and more.

‘My Name Is Sheela’ revolves around the female protagonist. Do you think the show gave you a very good platform to showcase your skills as an actress?

Yes, it is a very interesting role. I have been fortunate enough to get a wide range of characters to play in Marathi cinema. Now, I am happy to get author-backed roles in the digital space too. This is the first web show to come out. I had shot for to other shows which should come out soon.

You have worked in several Marathi films. What is the main difference Marathi and Hindi cinema?

The canvas is much bigger in Hindi cinema. But, I think cinema has a universal language which remains the same across all industries. Language has a rhythm and flow to it, so it does alter things a little. This show is actually in three languages, Hindi, Marathi and English.

Every week, five to six Marathi films release in theatres. Don’t you think that is problematic?

Yes, it is a problem. Digital is a very big medium but cinema will always be the biggest medium. I think it is important for us to have more number of theatres. In Maharashtra, Marathi films are directly competing with Hindi films.

You have a production house called Ringing Rain. What is the kind of content you would like to produce in the future?

I would like to produce different kind of stories. I am very particular about the kind of content I back as a producer. Human elements will be there in all the stories I produce. We recently made a video or Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. There is a lot more things in the pipeline.

Do you plan to direct someday?

I did direct one short film which is in the post-production stage now. I do not want to get into full-fledged direction at the moment as I am already doing too many things.

You are a part of ‘Sacred Games 2’.

I am not at liberty to share anything about the show. I will wait for the makers to make the announcement.

What else are you doing next?

I am doing a show called ‘Hawa Badle Hussu’. It is a sci-fi show based on environment. It will steam soon on Sony LIV. I am working on a big commercial Hindi film. I am also doing a Marathi musical play.

You have worked in different mediums. Which one is the closest to your heart?

Cinema will always be the biggest medium. Other mediums will come and go but films will always be there. Having said that, I love doing theatre and am now enjoy doing web shows too.

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