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CHNO Media signs India’s top Fortnite players

CHNO Media one of the fastest growing gaming content & gaming talent startup signs India’s top Fortnite players, Tanishq Saini, Omkar Malji and Paras Bhandari.

Tanishq Saini,is the emerging star of Fortnite from India and has held the No. 1 position consecutively in Season 8 & 9 (Solo mode in the Indian region). 20 year old Tanishq is the captain of his team and practices the game for 6-8 hours daily. CHNO also handles Paras (No. 3 Position in Season 9, Solo mode ,Indian region) who is 15 years old and one of the youngest top performing players. Omkar is at No.8 Position( Solo, Indian region) for FORTNITE. (Source : Fortnite leaderboard tracker ).

Recently Fortnite made big news across the world when an AMERCIAN teenager Kyle Giersdorf”s alias “Bugha,” became the first Fortnite world champion in the solo division, winning $3 million at age 16 . Epic Gamers, Fortnite creators have spent a whopping $100 million (roughly Rs. 700 crores) on the inaugural event, including staging 10 weeks of qualifying culminating in this weekend’s tournament.

Tanishq, Omkar and Paras all part of the professional Esports company Playground esports, an esports team that is committed to provide training and mentoring to gamers to turn them into professional athletes in oder to have them participate in competitive tournaments. CHNO Media has announced an exclusive partnership with Playground eSports, CHNO will be responsible for handling brand led engagement for the esports athletes.

In the rapidly evolving and growing gaming ecosystem in India where CHNO Media is bridging the gap between gaming content and talent and works with gaming publishers and brands to create strategic content and content led IP’s. The Company, by way of representing gaming creators from across the country brings with it, huge insights into the gaming content ecosystem and engagement patterns, both of the gamers and the viewers along with the behavioural pattern of the gaming audience. This is highly insightful for brands that are looking to penetrate and earn the loyalty of the teenagers and millennial audience.

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