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Celebrate the eternity of love with Tips Music’s Pyar Diyan Rahan by Asees Kaur ft. Ashish Bisht and Natasha Singh

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There are songs that turn out to be instant hits but then there are only a few which manages to live on for days and weeks. Well, “Pyar Diyan Rahan” has turned out to be on such gem that has continued to find traction amongst the youth weeks after it was announced.

Pyar Diyan Rahan” is like a blanket on a cold rainy day. The minute you drape it on, the feeling of warmth and familiarity start to seep in slowly, it is touching and beautiful.

Rendered by Asees Kaur, in her soulful, emotive romanticism featuring Ashish Bisht and Natasha Singh, they are a beautiful vision together.

Kumar Taurani says, “The song is a blend of melody and romance. It assails your senses, calming the mind in one magnificent sweep of transcendental sound. Tips Music aims to provide the best to the audience by giving them musical pleasures”

Asees Kaur says, “Falling in love is easy but to maintain it, is not so easy thing. It’s a romantic track which provides a sense of calmness to all loving souls. “Pyar Diyan Rahan” is a beautiful composition with lyrics we all can relate to.”

Ashish Bisht says, “I fell in love with this song the very first time I heard it. The lyrics, the vocals, the melody everything was so perfect. For me, this song has everything. It has passion, love and romance. I am extremely fortunate to work on such a beautiful song.”

Natasha Singh says, “This song has the melody which will stay with you longer. It has the perfect mixture of romance that people will relate. The lyrics are perfect. And the voice made me love this song.”

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