Bollywood Social Networking Mistakes

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In today’s world, online social networking has been become a part and parcel of life for each of us. It is more of need than fashion. Bollywood has been very active in this area. They have been marketing their films, brands, sharing their personal space and thoughts through these social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. But there is a difference between using the technology positively or creating an unnecessary controversy by your opinion in your tweet or posting some seminude photos. These social networking sites can be used to your advantage if handled more sensibly and logically.

The actors have to be more careful when they are in public platforms. They have certain brands attached to them. Actors may be entertainers but they should not give a perception that they are mocked at. Entertainment with dignity will bring aura around them and also will bring respect to them in the eyes of their fans. Some actors behave silly and act stupid in public platform. They are more of an embarrassment for their fans. The craziness may give you the media attention but not public respect. Actors have the responsibility that they maintain certain dignity with fun at public places so that they are both admired and loved. Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan (sometimes), Akshay Kumar and Ranbir Kapoor belong to the group of actors, who are both admired and loved by their fans.

Actors can also have opinions like all of us on various issues in our country. It’s nothing wrong to voice our views. The actors are not limited to acting in movies or television but they also have a public image, which they need to maintain. The political or religious comments should be totally avoided which can create unnecessary controversy. The opinions should not be given in ignorance that later you have to retract on your own opinion and also apologize. The opinions should be given based on facts and also when you have complete knowledge about it.

The superstar Salman Khan tweet on Yakub Memon was uncalled for. It was tweet based on complete ignorance. He is such a popular actor with millions of fans but sometimes his tweets are real embarrassment for his fans also. In this case, we can understand it was not for media attention but more of a personal opinion. But he needs to be careful and also stay away from political or religious comments or also opinions related to our judiciary system via social networking sites. If you have an opinion, write an article or blog with more research done on the topic or come on a public platform and be part of debates or discussions at news channels. The social networking sites should be handled with more care from our actors and they should use them to spread positivity.

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