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Bigg Boss 14 Season contestant Jasmin Bhasin all in awe of stylist Simrat Bohra

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When it comes to the business of making sartorial choices for the stars, Mumbai-based celebrity stylist, Simrat Bohra always give her best. Whether she works at enhancing TV actress Kanika Mann’s sparkling beauty or Ankitta Sharma’s inimitable elegance or Jasmin Bhasin’s girl-next-door charm, the celebrity stylist is known for her impeccable ideas. She always sets major fashion goals and manages to slay everyone with her impeccable style sense.

Stylist Simrat Bohra states, “Working with Jasmin Bhasin was a delightful experience. When we started to work on the concept for the shoot she was very open to go experimental and try new things style wise. We formulated a concept on lockdown where girls (almost everyone) had no where to go but that didn’t stop them from getting dressed or glammed up and exploring personal style in their own space. Hence we did the shoot in a sample home to stick to the mood. Jasmin was very much cautious about the mask and sanitizing due to the pandemic conditions. What I loved about Jasmin was with a lil talk she was ready to experiment outside her comfort zone and the results as everyone can see came out very good. As we were all girls team it was an ultimate fun shoot. And Jasmin was very polite, easy going and like let’s do it kinda attitude, which we all really love about her. At the end of the shoot, I remember asking her “Jasmin which one was your favorite look” to which she looked at me happily and replied “Simrat I loved all the looks”.

Bigg Boss contestant Jasmin Bhasin says, “Simrat has styled me and she was bothered before we started shooting. Simrat has a great quality of being particular about her work. She wants every definition to be perfect. She is completely well prepared that’s a great quality about her and I need such people because I am a very easy and laid back person. I loved the look and felt comfortable.”

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