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Bhoot Police Movie Review

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Many directors in Bollywood have tried to experiment with the horror-comedy genre but only a few could make it at the right spot just like director Amar Kaushik of ‘Stree’ (2018), which was quite a good movie and fun to watch. Similarly, director Pawan Kirpalani also tried this time to experiment this horror-comedy with ‘Bhoot Police’. His previous works like ‘Ragini MMS’ (2011), ‘Darr @ The Mall’ (2014) and ‘Phobia’ (2016) were good to watch and had a good storyline, so this time we expected a lot from ‘Bhoot Police’.

The story of ‘Bhoot Police’ revolves around the subject whether ghosts exist? Or it’s just a superstition that leads us to believe in something non-existent. Director Pawan Kirpalani wanted to entertain us, so he added some comedy in the film with cracking one-liner jokes, sudden crackling noises or the funny ghost busting methods, the gibberish mantras which are at some point funny.

It’s a story about two brothers, Vibhooti (Saif Ali Khan) and Chiraunji (Arjun Kapoor), who are Ghostbusters as they are taking their father’s legacy ahead as their father (Saurabh Sachdeva) was a very famous Ghostbuster named, Ullat Baba, who has done some memorable works in his life. But Vibhooti doesn’t believe in this ghost thing and he thinks that their father has conned people around to earn money in an easy way, so he also cons people around in villages as a Ghostbuster. On the other hand, Chiraunji believes that ghosts does exist and their father was a true Ghostbuster and is not happy with this way of living like his brother. He tries to convince Vibhooti to take up a real case and stop conning people. One day, Maya (Yami Gautam) comes looking for Ullat Baba since there is a ghost named, Kichkandi in her tea estate, which is her father’s legacy she is handling currently after his demise and the workers of that tea estate are scared to work. 27 years ago, Ullat Baba helped them to get rid of this spirit so she meets his sons, Vibhooti and Chiraunji this time and asks for help. So Vibhooti and Chiraunji come to Silwar Tea Estate to unravel some twists in the story. On the other hand, Maya’s sister, Kanika (Jacqueline Fernandes) doesn’t believe in ghosts and wants to sell the property and settle down in London.

Saif Ali Khan’s acting is mentionable. His dialogues kept us entertained throughout the whole movie. His one-liner jokes are enough to make one laugh. Arjun Kapoor’s character as Chiraunji is kind of serious type and Jacqueline Fernandes’s character as Kanika is not at all remarkable, totally unwanted and a waste of talent. The only remarkable work is done by Yami Gautam. She has done total justice to her character as Maya. Her playing the role of the ghost is too good to watch.

Overall, ‘Bhoot Police’ is enjoyable at some parts. It does have some comic elements but the film is dragged too much. The story is not so meaty enough to continue for more than 2 hours.

‘Bhoot Police’ is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Rating: 3/5


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