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Atrangi Re Music Review

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‘Atrangi Re’s’ soundtrack is gaining the spotlight from people all over the country and is being highly appreciated. The reason is quite obvious as it is A. R. Rahman’s music and it is full of experimentation and innovation. The Bollywood trend of remakes is broken and Rahman has given us a jukebox of 7 original songs stretching over the length of 28 minutes approximately.

The makers dropped “Chaka Chak” and “Rait Zara Si” first then launched the entire album together. The first song of the album is “Garda” sung by Daler Mehndi. Himanshu Sharma is the additional vocalist and the lyrics are penned by Irshad Kamil. The high-pitched song combines flute, saxophone and guitars. The fast beats of the song make it interesting. The guitar beats are highly prominent which give this song a better representation.

Shreya Ghoshal’s “Chaka Chak” has broken all records and has been trending on social media ever since its release. The song is not only attractive but also witty. Every word of the song is so well thought that it brings a soul to this song. Vijay Ganguly choreographed this solo number of Sara Ali Khan who absolutely slayed in the hook step. The subtle use of flute, dotara and shenai made the beats stunning and catchy to the eyes. It’s an item song but there is an immense softness in it which makes it ‘the party anthem of the year’.

“Tere Rang” is a classical track crooned by Hariharan and Ghoshal. The vibe this song creates with all the ‘aalap’ and ‘taal’ is extraordinary. This is a A.R Rahman masterpiece. It gives the listeners a flavour of Indian and Hindustani classical music. The song is a prayer to one’s beloved using the metaphors of Krishna and Radha. The tune stirs pain yet grace and Shreya’s voice gives a soul of it.

Sung by the famous “Kolaveri D” singer Dhanush who is also a protagonist in the movie, “Little Little” is a fun song. Hiral Viradia sang it along with Dhanush. The use of violin and orchestra takes us back to the “Kolaveri D” track. The drunk romantic setting of the track gives on a laid-back feeling. The song is innovative to some point but one has heard such songs. Although Dhanush’s voice gave it all the charm it needed. However, the X factor of this song is the hiccup touch.

“Tumhein Mohabbat Hai” is a somber melody that just keeps flowing like unrequited love. The melancholy track is sung by the king of this genre, Arijit Singh. The use of the guitar is so enchanting with a classical touch throughout. The song is arranged in such a fashion that the rise and fall in the pitch stirs an ache. One can hear this song on loop and never get tired.

“Rait Zara Si” is another Arijit Singh track duet with Shashaa Tirupati. It is powerful yet emotional. Flute, sarod and bass guitar are used in this track. This is a love anthem. The Tamil chorus is a special and surprise element in the song. On hearing the prelude one can hardly say that the song will turn out to be such a connecting one.

“Toofan Si Kudi” crooned by Rashid Ali is another brilliant fusion of guitar, sarod and flute. It is a fun song and a dance number. The use of clap sound in the chorus adds some spice. While hearing the song one can imagine a lot of people dancing to it at a party or at some festival. The beats are high and Rashid’s voice is perfectly fitted.

The soundtrack is soulful and A. R. Rahman spills all his magic in this. Each and every song can be heard on loop. The maestro executes the fusion of Indian classical music instruments with guitar and orchestra so well placed that one could just stand in an ovation for the album. All the hype about the music album is worth it. The singers are chosen so well for each song that it brings a soul to the music. The musical arrangement with the innovative tune of claps or hiccups is something extraordinary. The use of the chorus is so well-placed in the song that it sets a mood. This album is versatile and has music of all genres yet each song is different from the other with its own signature.

Rating: 4.5/5

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