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Arunabh Kumar pays tribute to ace fashion designer Wendell Rodricks through a comic book

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After creating a successful digital content platform that changed the ecosysytem of the online entertainment industry, Arunabh Kumar, the founder of TVF, has decided to venture into another medium of storytelling – comic books, along with his partners Alok Sharma and Saumin Patel. This comic-book venture is called “Indusverse” wherein the 1st book features Wendell Rodricks as a modern revolutionary man fighting for the environment. Arunabh Kumar joined hands with a writer from Goa, Lianne Taxeira Singh to co-write the 1st book from “Indusverse” called ‘The Beginning’ featuring a female superhero character in Goa who fights for nature. Incidentally, the team were very excited to go and present him the book with their own hands right ater the launch on 14 February, but his sudden demise left the creators speechless.

It’s been more than two years that Arunabh Kumar has been working on this book with his co-writer from Goa. During their research they found out amazing stories about Wendell Rodricks and surprisingly it was not about his fashion designing but as an environmentalist who worked relentlessly to keep the old heritage of Goa and preserve its nature. “His fight for saving the 200-year-old mango trees or the-100-year-old Chapel in Colvale, were so inspiring that we decided to include him and his fight as a character in our first comic book,” says entrepreneur turned author Arunabh Kumar. Lainne who is also from Goa researched on Wendell’s heroic stories, and finally contacted him to discuss the idea. “Wendell sir was extremely happy after hearing the idea of our comic book. He has been fighting for nature and trees apart from various others social causes,” added Arunabh Kumar. In ‘The Beginning’ Wendell comes as a friend to the father of a superhero character in the book. “We don’t want to reveal much about the plot as it would be interesting for readers to read and find it out for themselves,” says co-writer Lianne Taxeira Singh.

“Indusverse” launched its 1st set of the three comic books namely, ‘The-Beginning’, ‘Outrage’ and ‘Stunt’, officially on Valentine’s Day by Javed Jaffrey, Vasan Bala and RJ Rohini who together paid a small tribute to Wendell Rodricks at the beginning of the event.

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