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Arnav Maggo on his latest English song release Look At Me Now

Photo Credit: Instagram

Delhi based Indie singer-songwriter Arnav Maggo releases his latest English single, “Look At Me Now”. Arnav says, “A song about the end of a chapter, a relationship and an urge to move on to only finding it harder with time.” This marks his fourth independent release. Talking further, the artist adds, “The song also highlights the uneasiness and confusion when moving on comes easier to one person than the other.”

Began playing guitar at age 13 as he started to explore his artistic voice during his time at New York University. He writes in Hindi and English and his music emphasizes the concept, vocal melodies and guitar phrases in an ambient setting. His western approach brings out a unique flavor in his Hindi songs.

Moving back from New York to pursue a career in music, he is a self-taught musician. His message revolves around self-realization, fighting life’s stagnancy and breaking monotony (be it in a relationship, job or mental state), which people of all ages strongly relate to in their own ways. His influences include Radiohead, Mumford & Sons and Dire Straits.

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