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Armaan Ralhan and his canine friend are an inseparable duo

Photo Credit: Instagram

Armaan Ralhan has bowled the audience over with ‘Ajeeb Daastaans’ (2021). His work in the film has made him the darling of OTT. The actor follows a strict workout regime with an equal focus on his preparations that an actor generally takes up to polish their craft. But, there is one side of him which spills over and that is his love for his canine friend, Hendrix. The two are an adorable duo and Armaan often shares pictures of them on his Instagram.

Let’s look at some of the pictures, which show that they are truly inseparable.

Working out the quality time:

The first picture has Armaan and Hendrix bonding during the actor’s workout time. Armaan captioned the picture as, “Mates over weights”.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Hear me out:

This one is more quirky than candid, while the actor seems to be busy listening to his favourite track on his earphones, Hendrix seems to be calling him for, ‘more’ attention.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Santa and his elf:

This picture is of the two caught in the moment of Christmas celebrations. The timing of this picture is beyond perfect as it shows them having a heart to heart communication through eyes.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Monday, not everyone’s cup of tea:

And it’s certainly not Hendrix’s. This picture perfectly sums up how there are two kinds of Monday people, while Armaan looks super charged up to go all out, Hendrix barely manages to open his eyes to the harsh reality that Mondays are. The actor captioned the picture, “Wadup Monday”.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Eye eye captain:

There’s a lot that eyes tell and the eyes never lie. Armaan seems to be busy reading his friend’s eyes as he wrote the legendary dialogue from Scarface in his caption to spell the mood.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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