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Arijit Singh and Sachin-Jigar’s latest song ‘Phir Aur Kya Chahiye’ takes the internet by storm

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Composers Sachin-Jigar have recently teamed up with Arijit Singh for their highly anticipated song “Phir Aur Kya Chahiye” from the upcoming film ‘Zara Hatke Zara Bachke’. This collaboration is a musical extravaganza that will leave audiences captivated and yearning for more.

Sachin-Jigar, known for their exceptional musical prowess and ability to create unforgettable melodies, have consistently pushed boundaries with their innovative compositions. With numerous chart-topping hits to their credit, their unique blend of genres has garnered critical acclaim and won the hearts of millions worldwide.

“Phir Aur Kya Chahiye” is set to be an enchanting and soulful track that will showcase the creative brilliance of Sachin-Jigar’s music and Arijit Singh’s mesmerizing vocals. The song promises to resonate with listeners on a deep emotional level, leaving a lasting impact.

“Phir Aur Kya Chahiye” is a beautiful fusion of melodies, heartfelt lyrics and musical arrangement that will transport the listeners to a world of pure musical bliss. We are sure this song will soon become a timeless musical piece which will capture hearts and top music charts. The song has already received 17 million views within two days of its release, proving its immense popularity and potential to become a chartbuster soon.

Sachin-Jigar, Arijit Singh and Amitabh Bhattacharya had previously come together for the romantic single “Apna Bana Le” from the film ‘Bhediya’ (2022), which had also created quite a buzz.

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