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Anek Movie Review

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‘One man’s peace is another man’s chaos’- the movie has some mind-blowing dialogues and references. Very intelligently written and presented, ‘Anek’ takes you on the undulating journey to the North-Eastern states where people were repressed for ages. Alienated from the mainland in geography, culture and behaviour, they hardly consider themselves to be a part of India and the rebel groups who brainwash them further.  Ayushmann Khurrana starrer is a courageous display of the truth of these lands.

The socio-political anarchy of these regions dominated by rebel groups and power-hungry politicians is beyond imagination. The ones who suffer are the youth because of these gimmicks.

Although the theme and topic are really great, the screenplay isn’t engaging at all. In places, one would be confused and tired of watching it. The intensity is very low. However, Ayushmann did a fabulous job as usual. The script couldn’t do justice and left all the tension hanging although some dialogues will hit hard. The storyline should have been a little clearer.

Anek is hard-hitting and brings out the brutal truth of the North-Eastern states with a protagonist who is confused about whether it’s fair to save India at the cost of Indians

Anek is currently streaming on Netflix India.

 Rating:- 3/5

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