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“An actor should not get disheartened by rejections” – Ananditaa

She started off as a PR professional, worked as a talent manager before Ananditaa realised that acting is what she loves doing. Her name might not ring a bell immediately as she is still very new to this profession but you might recognise her from the numerous commercials and shows she has done. Here are excerpts from an interview.

You were working as a talent manager in Yash Raj Films. How did acting happen?

I had not planned to become an actor. I come from Lucknow. I was studying communications in Pune, thereon, I got into Public Relations and then became a talent manager. I used to go on the sets with the actors I used to manage and that is when, I felt this craving to act, perform and express myself in some way.

Was it difficult to leave a stable job and try to get an opportunity as an actor?

Yes, initially it was very difficult. I was working within this industry, yet, it felt like a completely new environment. I went for numerous auditions, went through a battery of rejections before I got my first project. Eventually casting directors / talent agents, started recognising me as a familiar face. I have always been passionate about theatre. I consciously chose the path of theatre to hone my craft as actor as I had no formal training. I am truly grateful that in a very short span I got the opportunity to be associated with the prestigious Prithvi theatre. It been a year now since I have been regularly performing there.

Life in Mumbai must be very different from the way it was in Lucknow.

Mumbai has been beautiful for me. I used to come to Mumbai during all my summer vacations. My entire maternal family lives in Mumbai. I have met some of the nicest people here.

You do not have any connections in the industry. Do you think it is tough for an outsider to get opportunities here?

I don’t feel like an outsider actually.. and with respect to the job opportunities, we must understand it is difficult for everyone. It’s a constant hustle not only here, but in other industries too.

You were recently seen in ‘Bekaaboo’, the ALT Balaji show. It is an erotic show. Was there any apprehension before taking up the project?

Initially, yes, I did have some apprehensions but my producer, Vaibhav and my director, Akshay were very comforting and reassuring.

What would be your advice to an aspiring actor?

As an actor to my other fellow actors, I would just like to say that we have chosen a beautiful profession. Have the passion, drive, fire and hunger. Work hard on your craft, everyday. Daily practice is a must. Do improvisations with friends. Its so much fun I tell you.
Just dont get disheartened by rejections, its difficult I know. But be focused and most important, love yourself, enjoy and have fun.

What are you doing next?

I just finished a project with a Mexican filmmaker. I am in talks for a few films. I am in the process of closing a project soon. By the end of August, there should be a formal announcement.

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