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Amyra Dastur was so amazed by Akshay Kumar’s performance while filming for ‘Kya Loge Tum’ that she broke her character

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Actress Amyra Dastur, who recently featured in the music video of “Kya Loge Tum” song alongside Akshay Kumar, shared that she unknowingly broke her character as she was floored by Akshay’s performance during the shoot of the song.

In the song, Amyra played the character of a woman who is caught cheating on Akshay’s character of a singer.

Recollecting the incident, Amyra shared, “I remember when there’s part when everybody gets up and starts clapping and I was so enamoured by sir’s performance even I started getting up and clapping. Our director was like, ‘No no Amyra, you have to be sad, you have to cry, you don’t clap, he is talking about leaving you’. Everybody started laughing. All in all, it was a wonderful shoot and even though I was basically crying throughout the song, I still had a lot of fun shooting it and ya, I really look forward to part two.”

“Usually when it comes to songs, you see the heroine charming the hero or trying to lure the hero in or romanticising the hero, but here it’s actually the hero’s putting in all the work and all the efforts and he is calling out the heroine. That’s what I really liked about it”, she further continued.

The actress also said that she loves heartbreak songs, “B Praak sang the song and Jaani composed it. For me, that’s a great combination because I genuinely think that B Praak is one of the best singers in India today. Then I found out that Akshay sir was going to be in the song and for me, it’s just a wonderful opportunity to work with such talented and amazing people. Every man in this song from B Praak sir to Akshay sir to Jaani sir (lyricist) to even Arvindr sir, our director, they’re all leaders in their own fields. So, for me, the opportunity to work with people of such calibre was too good to pass.”

“I have said before, for me the fact that it was a beautiful dard naak (painful) song and where the girl is actually playing the villain, gave me an opportunity to also break away that sweet innocent image that you know I have and that people know me for. We shot the song in two days. The song was fully shot in Mumbai. I just remember I had so much fun shooting the song and I was in such awe watching Akshay sir perform as well because it’s not easy to perform in a room with so many people, get the lip sync right and do the dance step properly. So, I think this time, what I found really fun was the fact that the heroine actually had less work than the hero,” she added.

“Kya Loge Tum” is streaming on Desi Melodies’ YouTube Channel and across all major audio streaming platforms.

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