Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Bachchan Bol’ blog completes 11 long years!

There are many who come in the industry with their fine performances and keep doing well year after year to survive in this competitive field of entertainment in India. Many try but only some succeed but only one person manages to create that aura around himself which gives him the title of the ‘Shahenshah’ of the film industry.

It really isn’t difficult to guess right as to who we are talking about? It’s none other than the legend Amitabh Bachchan. The amount of respect Amitabh has earned over all these years courtesy his work, is not just appreciable but something worth an analysis.

So, when a man of this magnanimous a status says anything, whether you are from the film fraternity or outside, you just need to be all ears. Perhaps this was the reason Big B had started with his personal blog ‘Bachchan Bol’ 11 years back.

The blog is a superhit in all its right and needless to say, it had to because it’s the man himself.

Big B being the perfect, humble and politically correct personality that he is, had to give out a thanksgiving to all his readers on Twitter who have made the blog what it is today. Here’s what Big B had to say on Twitter:

“T 3136 – On 17th of April 2008, began the BLOG .. today 11 years of it .. 17th April 2019 .. every day without a break .. thank you my Ef for your love affection and grace .. we hold hands in peace consideration and understanding .. values most cherished ..!🙏🙏❤️❤️ “

Well, all we can say is that anything you do is an instant hit and people will be involved just because it’s you.

We wish you more success for your blog. Keep posting the lovely content that you post and keep doing what you do best which is to ‘entertain’.

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