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Akshay Kumar shares a picture of his mom doing yoga!

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Bollywood has seen several fitness icons in the past. From Sanjay Dutt to Sunny Deol, from Salman Khan to Varun Dhawan, there are many who give fitness their top most priority as a part of their fitness regime. Their bulked up muscular bodies can give anyone a run for their money.

Although one might say that in the entertainment industry, being physically fit is a professional requirement but still it is never easy given the hectic schedule they all go through. But the only actor who is known to be ‘naturally’ fit by doing just freehand exercises without any use of weight-lifting, it is Akshay Kumar. His background of having learnt karate and judo in the past has helped his fitness naturally in a big way which is the major reason he was considered the first name in the 1990s when it came to doing an action film.

Akshay Kumar is responsible for inspiring millions including industry insiders to give importance to ‘fitness’. Many actors, especially Tiger Shroff who is the current generation fitness inspiration has earlier gone on record to say that he remains in awe of Akshay’s fitness even at this age and that too for so many years.

Everyone understands Akshay Kumar is an inspiration when it comes to fitness but who is the fitness inspiration for Akshay Kumar? It’s none other than his own mother who has proved to Akshay that age is just a number and with the help of yoga and a nice fitness regime, one can remain healthy for the longest time.

On the occasion on ‘International Yoga Day’ (21 June 2019), Akshay Kumar shared a photograph of his mother doing yoga while narrating an incident that might just motivate many to start taking care of their health right away.

Akshay’s message will surely enable people to take up health seriously from today onwards.

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