Akshay Kumar endorses one of the biggest brands in India! Guess which one?


Reliability and stability – These are two of the top personal and professional traits of Akshay Kumar who has been in the world for a quarter of a century now. Been in the world of films since 1991, he has done around 120 films already. While he has a large number of successes under his belt when it comes to Bollywood, he is also hot in the arena of endorsements. This is being evidenced yet again in his recent sign up with Tata Motors, which has put its money on the superstar to take forward their range.

“Tata is a brand that makes its choices quite carefully when it comes to celebrity endorsements,” says a source, “They are known to every Indian and a large population abroad which means the face of the product needs to have similar visibility as well. More than anything else, it is the credibility factor that is supposed to be the USP of the person who comes on board. Akshay brings all of that and more with him.”

Of course, an individual needs to be in area of business for a good period of time and needs to have excelled on a continued basis as well. Considering the fact that Akshay has been keeping his investors happy in every field that he has been chosen, the decision to rope him in as a Brand Ambassador is being much appreciated.

“It isn’t just about his recent string of successes where he has delivered a hat-trick of 100 crore superhits in 2016,” the source adds, “Yes, with films like ‘Airlift’, ‘Housefull 3’ and ‘Rustom’ under his belt, Akshay has put a stamp on authority yet again as the most versatile of them all when it comes to Bollywood superstars. Consistency has been his key which has allowed his standing in the industry for long. Moreover, everyone in the supply chain who associates with him ends up benefitting immensely. Everyone realizes that and hence he is the darling of the biggies in the business when it comes to films as well as brands.”

For Akshay too, it is yet another major step in the right direction as he is also the Brand Ambassador of Honda. With Tata adding on to his repertoire, the actor is making sure that his reliability and stability counts.

“That has to, considering the fact that he now has major films like ‘Jolly LL.B 2’, ‘Toilet – Ek Prem Katha’, ‘2.0’, ‘Crack’ and more coming up in quick time,” a close associate adds, “When you are delivering your best in the business, the best of the business will pick you up as well. Period.”

True that!


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