Airlift scores over the weekend!

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After a good opening day which pretty much paved the path for the film, ‘Airlift’ continued to soar over the weekend. There were good jumps evidenced and as a result, the film now stands at the Rs. 443 million mark. Now this is a very good total for a film which is as offbeat as it gets when it comes to a drama featuring a superstar.

While the film is being compared with ‘Baby’ and ‘Holiday’, the fact remains that former was much more commercial in its appeal while latter was a quintessential mainstream entertainer. However, ‘Airlift’ is entirely dependent on the content with its main selling point being Akshay Kumar as the face of the film. For a subject and genre like this, it is hard to even ensure that audience step in theatres, leave aside establish connect with them through the narrative. However, the team behind ‘Airlift’ along with Akshay Kumar front ending it has made it possible for the collections to be finding good momentum ever since its release.

The film is now on a solid footing and there would be further high evidenced on the Republic Day national holiday tomorrow. The film is set to collect more than even Sunday. This isn’t all as today evening and night show collections would be good too due to tomorrow being holiday, which means the fall from Friday would be minimal.

The weekend collections are better than last three Akshay Kumar films belonging to the same genre:

‘Baby’ – Rs. 360.7 million
‘Gabbar Is Back’ – Rs. 400 million
‘Holiday’ – Rs. 404.9 million

This isn’t all as the first week collections would pretty much challenge some of the other mainstream biggies that the actor has done over the years. Stay tuned!

Note: All collections as per production and distributor sources

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