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6 relatable work situations from ‘Kiska Hoga Thinkistan – Season 2’ that all office goers will relate to!

There’s a lot that happens when you’re spending eight hours a day in an office! Co-workers turn bae, the boss is always difficult, unrealistic deadlines, unreasonable clients and dirty politics are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to office drama.

But if you feel that you’re not getting the credit you deserve; the odds are always stacked up against you and your idea is always dissed – then you should know that you’re NOT ALONE!

MX Original Series Kiska Hoga Thinkistan – Season 2 brings you similar situations faced by your favorite copywriters Amit (Naveen Kasturia) and Hema (Shravan Reddy) when MTMC’s new boss – William (Neil Bhoopalam) shakes up life as they knew it!

This is your story, as is theirs! Take a look, how:

Having that all important presentation at 7pm:

Come hail, come fire or come your birthday – why does the boss insist on having all important presentations at 7pm? There simply is no balancing work and play.

When Flexible work timings are a myth:

WFH (Work from Home), we have a flexible work timing culture – all that HR propaganda that never sees the light of day because the same small disclaimer says **Approval by your manager. Long hours at work are stressful and no one better than the employees of MTMC to know it.

When the boss favors your favorite co-worker but not you!

You know that annoying feeling when your boss keeps picking your favorite co-worker but not you? Should you be happy for your friend or upset about the lack of confidence in your work? Neil being the villain, sets up situations that cause enmity between close friends – Hema and Amit where they are not only competing for ideas but also against each other!

Working holidays:

You see the oxymoron right there? If it’s a holiday, then why does your boss expect you to work and if it’s meant to be working – then PLEASE DON’T CALL IT A HOLIDAY!

Give the Credit Where Its Due

Ever thought that your idea is great, but your boss throws it out of the window? The next thing you know – the same idea is pitched ahead and the credit is never given to you. We’re sure you will empathize with Hema who is facing a similar challenge with William.

Crazy office colleagues

Office co-workers are a whole new category of human beings. Ciggie breaks, chai pe charcha, chatty lunches and unplanned drinking sessions – these are the guys who don’t make work feel like work. Watch Hema, Sneha, Aashiq, Amit, & Sonam trying to get along with each other and their new boss while struggling through the madness of the advertising world.

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